Living TRAVEL - GREECE - 1965, 75

The historic sites of the Peloponnese Peninsula

One end of the canal which cuts across the isthmus joining the mainland west of Athens at Loutraki to the Peloponnese peninsula

General views - and below


Island of Poros

Corinth (the first town across the Isthmus)

Looking inland from Acro Corinth

Ruins of a 16th century Venetian castle, Acro Corinth

Temple of Apollo 6th century


Looking from a 16th century citadel - to Nafplion


Mycenae (Peloponnese)

Lion Gate - 12th century BC

Looking over the Lion gate

The Circle of the Kings - 10th century BC

Below - artefacts found at Mycenae

Gold tiara

Gold Death Mask

Crystal bowl

Olympia (Peloponnese)

Palaestra - and below


Metope from the Temple of Zeus - Relief sculpture of Atlas
with the golden apples, while Hercules holds his earthly burden


Marble statue of Hermes by Praxiletes 4th century BC

Mistra (Peloponnese)

Byzantine village and monastery

Ceiling painting in the monastery

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Palaestra (at Olympia): Open court with peristyle; west of the Sanctuary of Zeus (Altis), between the Theokoleon and the Gymnasium. ca. 400 B.C. - 300 B.C.
Doric peristyle court, 19 x 19 columns, with water channel and series of rooms arranged on all 4 sides. On the south side of the peristyle was a colonnade of 15 Ionic columns and a small entrance room at either corner. On the north side an ephebeum (exercise room) had an inner colonnade of 9 Ionic columns. On the west and east sides of the court, smaller colonnades and doors open onto various rooms.