Other stone circles - Rollright, Avebury, Castlerigg;
and new (1999AD) and old (1000BC) White Horses

Rollright Stones - Oxfordshire
- the remains of 77 Neolithic stones in a circle




Avebury - Wiltshire

One of the largest stone circles in the world
- 27 remaining stones of an original 98 in a 427 metre diameter circle








Castlerigg Stone Circle - Keswick



White Horses

It is difficult to see all of of the amazing 100 metre long Uffington White Horse from a vantage point on the ground
- click here to see an aerial view

The White Horse at Cherhill needed a bit of a clean up when seen in 2000

The 1999 new Devizes white horse overlooking the village of Roundway

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